Planned Breeding October 2005
Farley has 2 very exciting breedings this fall.
We are very excited to see what Farley produces
with these two beautiful bitches.


Ch. DesertKnight's American Badazz


 Ch. Silver's Westminster Abbey CGC, TDI

OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows- Normal
PRA DNA Clear by Parentage
Cardiac Normal
Patella Normal


OFA Hips Good - MF-5216G27F-PI
OFA Elbows  - Normal MF-EL2203F27-PI
Heart  - Normal MF-CA527/18F/S-PI
Thyroid T4  - Normal MF-TH333/18F-PI
PRA - Homegenous Normal
Cysternia - Negative
Patella MF-PA6471/18/F/S-PI

Puppies born Dec 9th View Ultra sound here
1 boy and 1 girl

                               1 week

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact  Sherry Roberts
Steadfast Mastiffs Please include your name and phone number. 
or call (574) 586-7522

Farley X Rumor born Dec 9th ultrasound click here.
3 boys 3 girls

Ch. DesertKnight's American BadAZZ
X Ch. WestCreek OUTLAW Everyone's Talkn
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows- Normal
PRA DNA Clear by Parentage
Cardiac Normal
Patella Normal
  OFA Hips GOOD OFA Number MF-6384G24F-PI
OFA Elbows NORMAL OFA Number MF-EL3163F24-PI
OFA Patellas NORMAL OFA Number MF-PA1163/24F/P-PI
OFA Heart NORMAL OFA Number MF-CA1061/24F/P-
PRA/DNA by parentage
Thyroid Pending OFA number

View babies here in their photo album

We didn't have the time to devote to raising a litter when Peanut was ready, we passed on the breeding.
We may have a breeding late summer check back for more details.
If you were on the waiting list for the Peanut x Max breeding this breeding will be very similar

litter application form
If you have any questions or you are interested in a puppy  from this litter  please fill out this form. 
 Be sure to answer all question and my server will record all info and I will get back to you in a timely manner.  Thanks!
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Visual Pedigree for Max X Peanut puppies





Allison & Butch Bauer


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